Foundry Shakes

The Look of Cedar Preserved

Foundry combines the highest degree of cedar warmth and color depth with the lowest amount of maintenance. Welcome to the shingle and shake siding on another level.

Foundry commands attention by delivering on every style aspect of cedar—from the classic elegance of cut shingles to the rugged look of split shake. The beauty and curb appeal come effortlessly with single course panels and the longest repeat pattern in the industry, along with molds cast from real wood shakes and shingles to create a virtually seamless design


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Split Shake Siding

Cedar Siding That Never Goes Unnoticed
Turn heads with the handcrafted look of split cedar siding. Foundry Split Shake Siding offers both beauty and drama with its extra-deep shadow lines and rustic cut edges. You’ll get a look that’s true to real cedar while capturing the ideal aesthetic of color and form for the life of your siding.

7″ Split Shake | Colonial Grey 827

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Staggered Shake Siding

Capture the Spirit of Cedar Siding
Nothing quite captures the ruggedness of cedar like staggered shake siding. It’s a unique look that celebrates the uneven cuts, random wood-grain textures and offset spacing that makes hand-split cedar shakes so dramatic and endearing. Choose from two large profiles, 7″ and 10″, for attractive curb appeal on whole-house or accent applications.

10″ Staggered Shake | Snow 123


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