See the difference grout color can make

With so many manufactured stone colors and profiles to choose from, it can be easy to overlook the importance of grout color. ProVia offers several options for grout color for each of our grouted stone profiles, and we’ve created an easy way for you to visualize your favorite stone profiles with different grout colors—the Stone and Grout Color Visualizer.

As you experiment with different stone and grout color combinations, you’ll notice that contrasting grout colors can be used to intensify the color and shape of your manufactured stone, while complementary grout colors can soften the overall look. Selecting a grout color that mimics the dominant color of your stone can help blend your stone and grout into a near-seamless palette.

Whatever look you’re going for, choosing a well-matched grout color creates a natural, uniform appearance and complements the color scheme.

Deep Brown

Deep Tan

Iron Black

Light Buff